Renovations & Remodels for every taste and purpose

“We welcome all of our clients to openly discuss what they would like to get out of their home.”

Your home is your palace. It’s where you find refuge after a hard day at work, and it’s where you and your family laugh, enjoy each other’s company, and make memories together. Creating a welcoming space in your home is where SCS Innovations can help. We welcome all of our clients to openly discuss what they would like to get out of their home. Whether it’s updating a kitchen, or creating a family-friendly space via a basement renovation, the contractors at SCS Innovations will make your dreams a reality.


Every family  deserves an outdoor oasis.  From a new deck, gazebo, outdoor stone kitchen, to compliment their family gatherings which  every family looks forward to do.  With a new living area incorporated with your back yard, everyone will be amazed how much family time is indeed the most important and spacious place to be.


  • Outdoor Kitchens/BBQ
  • Gazebos
  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Sheds

Here at SCS Innovations, bathroom remodelling is one of our most requested services. We offer a wide range of bathroom renovation services, from simply building/installing your custom vanity, to complete bathroom demolition and renovation.


  • Glass Shower Enclosures
  • Custom Jacuzzi Tubs
  • Granite Vanities with Custom Cabinetry
  • Tile Steam Showers
  • Soaking Tub Retrofits

It may seem very expensive to re-do your basement these days. Many older structures have unused basements that were primarily intended for storage, but the fact is that basements are a GREAT way to add living space to your home.

Of course you will want to assess drainage and waterproofing issues before considering a basement remodel, as well as the water table levels in your local area. However, even if moisture is a current problem, with a few improvements, you can easily have a finished basement that’s an excellent living space. In fact, you’ll be shocked at how efficient heating and cooling costs are improved.

Most of our clients get the most joy out of renovating their basement into:

  • Game Rooms
  • Home Theatre
  • Library
  • Home Office
  • Bar


Whether it’s a new kitchen you have your eye on, or a luxury bathroom, or even a renovated basement, SCS Innovations are the contractors you can trust to make the dreams you have for your home into a reality.

Kitchens are oftentimes referred to as the heartbeat of the home. Since we spend a lot of our time in our kitchens, whether it’s cooking a great meal, making the kids’ lunches, entertaining, or having a few drinks with friends, it is easily the most used room in the home. Since the kitchen is such a high traffic zone, new amenities and upgrades are usually most appreciated in this room.

When thinking about your kitchen remodelling project, consider the long term value it will add to your home, as well as the finishes and layouts that will make your time spent in the space more enjoyable for the years to come. Simple things like a granite counter top upgrade or cabinet refinishing can go a long way while also being relatively inexpensive. Additionally, always remember that if you decide to do appliance upgrades or restructuring, going green with insulation and products is often tax deductible, not to mention the energy savings you’ll get each month and the additional resale value added.

Our most common kitchen remodelling services include:

  • Kitchen Cabinet Remodelling
  • Kitchen Cabinet Re-facing/Resurfacing
  • Kitchen Counter Top Replacement
  • Flooring (Cork is becoming more popular)
  • Complete Kitchen Remodels